Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cell phones!!!!!!!

Honestly, what is wrong with people! Why do we think that our cell phone ringing constantly or even vibrating constantly is ok? In the lasst week, I have had 3 experiences with cells phone interrupting the activity at hand and I am pissed! Last week we went to the movies to see MUNICH. It was crowded and the little Indian guy next to me kept his phone on, first to ring so he could crawl over us to answer the call and then on vibrate to irritate all of us around him! Next I was giving finals in my Art Metals class and in 2 of the 3 classes someone's phone just kept vibrating. When it is quiet in a room and everyone is supposed to be focused, why do 17 year old girls think it's ok to keep their phone on vibrate? Lastly, I went to a stamping class where 3 of the 8 women thought it was important to have their phones go off CONSTANTLY! While it may be convenient for them to stay in constant contact with the outside world, do they have a clue how distracting and rude it is to the others around them? I have to admit that most of these annoyances have been by adults, so how can I expect young people to understand the appropriateness of this tool?

Monday, January 02, 2006


I decided to get it together and blog this morning. I am sitting here in the near darkness, not because of the early hour but because of the thunderstorm we are having. Just think if this was snow!

Christmas was wonderful as we were all together again. (Sans Susan) There was a lot of frantic wrapping and much indulging but I guess that's what makes it fun too! Nick wonders why Thea has it all together by Thanksgiving while he is still rushing around at the last minute. But I guess we have our traditions too. I am sad to say that we have a false sense of preparedness as a family tradition. That can be our resloution for 2006!

Tomorrow I go back to work. We have our tree down and cleaned up already. (So far so good on that resolution!) Happy 2006 everyone!