Friday, June 22, 2007

First call from Nick!

He made it to the top of Mt. Katadin and so the hike begins. He says all is well and the mt. was a real challenge.So far he needs a different sleeping bag and a pair of crocks. He met a guy on the bus and they are hiking together at this point.

Back on the homefront, Michael and I spend yesterday morning packing some new dehydrated meals for him. Breakfast Spuds was the first and since we hd not had breakfast we tried it out! Very tasty!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back again!

Well I had the knee replacement and it was much more of an ordeal than I had expected. But it gets better every single day and I have made good progress. I went back to work every other day about 3 weeks ago. That has also gotten much easier. I spend alot of time recooperating in between but it's all working.

Being out of it for so long has found me at the brink of summer vacation! Just Finals and records day to go and I'm home free.
We took Nick to the airport this morning to go the DC for a convention and then a bus ride to the beginning of his hike. We have been learning how to dehydrate food for him and so i get to be a part of the adventure. Better this than walking 10 miles a day!
It was very exciting to send him off on this journey. I can't help but think about the trip backpacking to Europe that Bob & I talked about after our college graduation. We never did made the trip so I am really happy for Nick. His blog is